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Our Story

The concept of Hereford Concierge Lifestyle Management was born during a busy period in my life. Having two young children, a husband who worked away from home and working full time, left me very little time for a social life and falling behind with the demands of my children’s school life. I’d often find myself sitting at my desk stressing because my to do list at home was huge. Wishing there was a broad spectrum service I could call upon for help, one that would not only meet my need for high standards but be able to handle some of the random tasks I needed carried out. I needed a Personal Assistant but without the price tag. After a quick google search I discovered that personal concierge is common practice in parts of America, Australia and even London which made me realise that I wasn’t the only person in need of help.

Being someone who is highly organised, driven and at times a perfectionist, I decided that I, along with a couple of like minded friends could bring this service to Herefordshire.

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Laura Nixon

Founder of Hereford Concierge Lifestyle Management.