I had the privilege of hiring Hereford Concierge in June, as soon as I made the phone call I felt at ease.

I needed Laura and her team to help me get out of the doghouse and back in the good books.

Within 3 hours of the initial call the team had been shopping and I had a beautifully, gift wrapped parcel delivered to my front door discreetly, which I then took credit for.

I was very impressed. Have no issues in recommending this business


I always thought that nobody cleaned my house as well as I could do it myself and struggled to justify taking on a cleaner.

However, due to a severe lack of time and spending increasing amounts of time working away, plus a busy schedule to juggle with two children of different ages the housework was always bottom priority.

For the sake of my sanity something had to give! To my delight, a leaflet came through my door from Hereford Concierge and I decided to give them a call - and I have never looked back!

How wrong I was. I look forward to coming home every Friday with great excitement after they have been in whilst I am out at work. They somehow manage to make everything sparkle and smell divine. Plus, they add the finishing touches that I never would, which makes it feel like such a treat. I will never be able to make a bed or add finesse to a room as well as they do!

Nothing is ever too much trouble and they are such lovely, trustworthy ladies. They are also 100% reliable and extremely flexible.

I honestly don't know how I managed before I used them and would highly recommend them to everyone.

W xxx

We started off with the girls doing weekly cleans but as the trust and the rapport began to grow so did the
requirement list. We soon found ourselves relying on the girls for assistance at dinner party’s, and get togethers.

Just having them there to make sure things run smoothly, toping up drinks and clearing up behind the scenes, allowing us to focus on our guests.

We now hire the girls when we go on holiday to deep clean the house, water the plants and garden and stock the fridge for our return.

The girls are reliable and trustworthy, I don’t know what we’d  do without them.


Laura has asked me for a brief testimonial for their website but to be honest I don’t know where to start.

Laura and Claire clean for us two hours per week which I love but it’s all the little extras that they do which makes them so special. We was let down last minute by our babysitter so on the off chance I sent them a text, needless to say they had me covered.

Last Christmas I was running behind (as always). I was starting to panic about getting everything done.

Once the children were asleep Laura and Claire came over to help me wrap the pressies. We chatted, laughed and drank copious amounts of tea whilst all working together to get the wrapping done. It was like spending an evening with friends. It feels like a privilege to have these women on my side.


I would highly recommend Hereford concierge, their service is second to none and that feeling you get when
you walk into the house after a long day at work and the everyday chores are all done is priceless.

Thank you so much Laura & team for looking after our home especially when we’ve been away.